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"I am proud to be an Encore User!"

Long time ago, I think it was around the year 1990 or 1991 (when Windows released Windows Version 3 with Multimedia Extension) as I passed by a Computer Shop, I have seen the Encore software the first time.
The Encore Notation Software was just playing "The Ride Of The Valkyries" ("Ritt der Walküren" by Richard Wagner) and the whole score was running in realtime with the music I heard - I was very impressed! Of course not only impressed by Encore also by the new Windows: It was the first time that Windows supported Multimedia and inbuild Soundcards...
At this time, I had an Atari ST Computer with the Notator Software installed and I was already writing scores for some Music Publishers... Notator was also very nice and fast working, but it was not easy to share the scores (and the end of Atari computers was on the way...).
I went in the Shop and asked "How much is this Software?" They told me, that I can get the software already pre-installed, if I buy a computer in their store - what I did.
It was not a small, simple store, it was - at this time - a big company, what had computer stores in every bigger town.
And - of course - I thought I will get a legal copy of this impressive software - some time later, I realized, that they just give me an illegal copy - but at this time, the store and the company who sold me this computer did not exist any more...

So, I first bought the smaller version of Encore "MusicTime", what I used for a while on my windows computers to write and print my music and later I bought Encore. At this time I think Encore and MusicTime have been still produced and sold by PassportMusic - later the ownership went to the GVox Company - and now, it is again named "Passport Music Software, LLC".
Even Encore was very famous at this time, I think the company what owned the legal rights, had big financial problems, because of all the illegal copies, what you could get at this time almost everywhere. Later - and for many years - the software has not been developed any more (at least, I did not know anything about that), but it was still perfect running on my Computers. 1998 when the Sibelius Software was released for Windows Computers, I also bought Sibelius as the Software was soon very famous and many Music Publishers wanted to have Sibelius formatted scores... but during all the following years, I always used Encore if i needed a fast printout of my music and I also used Encore for all the printouts for my students.
At the right time, as Encore was not longer running on the new Windows versions and also my old Windows Computer was not longer working, GVox started developing Encore again and released a new update of Encore Notation what was also working on the newest Windows and Mac Sytems (even I never used a Mac).
So, since almost 25 years I use Encore for writing and printing my music and I am happy, that this software for Music Notation is still so very simple to use and on the other side also powerfull enough, that everything what I ever needed in music notation was always possible with this software.
I also wanted to share some of my thoughts related to the Sibelius Software: If I compare Sibelius with Encore: Yes, Sibelius is a very good and powerfull software to print your music and have a lot of features, so many features... all the years I still have updated Sibelius (up to Version 6) but I used it less and less. What me really made "afraid" of using Sibelius was one sentence I read in the Sibelius User Guide:
"Warning! However much you may dislike manuals, you must read the whole of this Start here section in order to get started with the program."
And what happened now? Avid announced, that Sibelius is only available as a download - no more boxed version with DVDs will be sold... 25 GigaByte(!) to download for the Sibelius installer?
And if ever this huge Download work properly, you have to burn a lot of DVDs by your own to have a safe backup of a software, for what you pay about 600 US$? It is also not possible to pay even more and get Sibelius on DVDs... there is no offer like this...

I can understand and it is absolutly no problem to download smaller programs like Encore, what has a download size of less than 70MB and can be burned on one simple CD-ROM, but not 25000(!)MB of download like Sibelius...
And - If you like - You still can order Encore on CD-ROM, but this is not necessary, as the download and backup on CD takes only a few minutes.

My personal conclusion:
Yes, some people like (and maybe also need) all the Features and good Playback functionality of the Sibelius Software, but I just want to write, play and print my music notes with an easy (and fast) to use software. And I realy appreciate, that Encore is still - since more than 20 years - same easy to use. Of course over the many years, I also had to learn some new things, but all what I ever learned about using Encore is still valid, no need to change the way I am writing music on my computer.
So, I am a happy Encore user since many, many years and, Yes, I am proud to be an Encore User!
J. Kaiser-Kaplaner, March 2015

Update 2016: If you also need to create "perfect sounding" audio-files from your notated music maybe you like the new Dorico notation software. Steinberg just released the first version of their new music notation application and scoring software named "Dorico". Dorico includes the complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library and more than 1,300 production-ready sounds from HALion Sonic SE 2. But if you are not in a hurry, better wait for the release of the next version - it is just the first release and also Steinberg by themselves write on their website: "because it is brand new, it does not yet have every feature necessary for every kind of score" - so better wait a little bit, before you buy a Dorico crossgrade...